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    GP Cellulose operates four world-class, non-integrated wood pulp mills, one cotton linters pulp mill, and one cotton converting plant in the southeastern United States. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers in more than 75 countries worldwide with quality products, global logistics and technical services.


    Georgia-Pacific Success Story: The Perfect Fit

    How Georgia-Pacific’s Customer Focus Helped Achieve Savings for a Fast-Growing Company


    When fast-growing regional hygienic products manufacturer, Violeta, wanted to introduce a new premium

    diaper line, it turned to the GP Cellulose technical services team for assistance. Staying on trend with consumer demand, Violeta’s new line of diapers would have to achieve a thinner profile with a better fit and enhanced absorbency. The GP Cellulose technical services team was called into action to work directly with the diaper manufacturer.


    When the GP Cellulose team sat down with Violeta, the customer anticipated it would need to invest in a new line of machinery for its new premium line of diapers. After carefully listening to the customer’s goals and conducting a series of trials, the team happily advised that an investment in a new line may not be needed. The technical services team was able to suggest options for how Violeta might retrofit its existing line of machinery to produce their new line of premium diapers.


    To achieve a thinner profile, Violeta incorporated GP Cellulose’s Golden Isles CO™ fluff pulp (grade 4855) into its premium diaper design.  Golden Isles CO™ pulp is produced from long softwood fiber that provides optimum fluid retention.

    “GP Cellulose is focused on our success and profitability. As we continue to innovate and grow, we know we can rely on GP to help make it happen.”


    – Petar Ćorluka, president of Violeta Board


    Through its collaboration with GP Cellulose, Violeta achieved a thinner profile for its new line of premium diapers, while also improving absorbency. The customer saved $4.5 million in anticipated line updates after considering the recommendation from the technical services team from GP Cellulose. With this savings, Violeta was able to make investments in other areas to increase its competitiveness in the market.


    *Characteristics and potential benefits of using Golden Isles CO™ fluff pulp are determined by GP Cellulose based on laboratory tests and actual results depend on commercialization by customers.