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    Good business isn’t just about growth, it’s about creating value. We believe in growing in a way that benefits our customers and GP Cellulose, building for the long term. GP Cellulose. Growing Smarter™.

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    Safety. Sustainability. Customer Focus. Innovation. Quality. Value Creation. These are the strands in our DNA that set us apart. When you take a closer look, you’ll discover that they are evident in everything we do.

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    GP Cellulose operates four world-class, non-integrated wood pulp mills, one cotton linters pulp mill, and one cotton converting plant in the southeastern United States. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers in more than 75 countries worldwide with quality products, global logistics and technical services.


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    Golden Isles Fluff Pulp

    Golden Isles® Fluff Pulp    |     CelluFlex™     |   Chemical Cellulose & Customized Fibers    |   Paper Pulp

    GP Cellulose fluff pulps are made from a coarse, bulky, long fiber with a low percentage of fines at four world-class facilities: Alabama River, Leaf River, Brunswick, and Foley.

    Golden Isles fluff pulp is acknowledged as a quality brand of fluff pulp used in a variety of absorbent applications, including baby diapers, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence products, airlaid nonwovens, pet pads and food-grade absorbent pads.

    Our Golden Isles fluff pulps are made from a coarse, bulky, long fiber with a low percentage of fines.
    Golden Isles fluff pulp main characteristics are:
    • Low fiberization energy
    • Wicking speed
    • Superior absorbency
    • High fiberization efficiency

    Absorbent products made with these fibers have optimum fluid retention, liquid distribution (wicking) and pad integrity. This is especially important with thinner products and with the use of super absorbent polymers.


    Untreated Fluff Pulp
    Low fiberization energy, excellent absorbency, wicking and pad integrity make our untreated Golden Isles fluff pulp a preferred choice for many in the absorbent products industry. Flexible roll sizes and moisture content enable us to have the right product to fit your needs.

    Treated Fluff Pulp
    Further reduced fiberization energy and static generation, combined with exceptional formation and softness make our treated Golden Isles fluff pulp well suited to lightweight applications such as thin airlaid and ultra-thin feminine care pads.

    Golden Isles CO™ Fluff Pulp
    The patented portfolio of Golden Isles fluff pulp has expanded with the new Golden Isles CO fluff pulp. This modified chemical cellulose fiber is engineered to meet the demands of today’s conscientious consumer, providing additional compressibility with odor-reduction features for use in ultra-thin absorbent cores and airlaid materials.

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