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    Georgia-Pacific Success Story: Making Safety Personal

    How Georgia-Pacific’s Richmond, Ind., G Street Facility Achieved Unprecedented Safety Milestones


    Safety in the work place is not a matter of luck – it’s the result of an ongoing focus, diligent processes and employee commitment. When Georgia-Pacific’s Richmond, Ind., G Street facility wanted to grow employee participation in its safety program, leaders met to discuss innovative ways to increase employee engagement to advance their objective of an incident-free workplace.


    Knowing that people are more successful with tasks that they are passionate about, the team decided to reorient its approach. Instead of delegating a to-do list, employees were asked to review the prevention list and choose areas of individual interest.

    New safety teams were created through sign-up sheets, which allowed employees to join the groups that sparked their personal interests. Options included hazard communications, ergonomics, lockout/tagout practices, fall protection and environmental labeling. The teams also participated in critical inspections of areas such as eye-wash stations and aerosol can disposals.

    To ensure thorough safety practices and further encourage employee participation, a suggestion box helped collect tasks that were not already covered and the opportunity to provide feedback on the new safety practices.


    Not only did GP’s G Street plant reach its employee participation goal of 100 percent, but it also became the first Georgia-Pacific facility awarded the Georgia-Pacific CEO Safety Excellence Award under the company’s heightened criteria. This award is given to facilities that meet a specific set of criteria, including operating 1 million hours or two years without a lost work day incident – and the Richmond plant achieved both milestones. Facilities also are evaluated on demonstrating a shared safety vision, employee ownership and engagement, and leadership commitment.