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  • Look Closer.

    In life, the details make all the difference. And that’s true for businesses too. The products. The interactions. The innovative ideas. At Georgia-Pacific Corrugated, we stand apart because of the qualities that make us unique.

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    GP Corrugated

    Safety. Sustainability. Customer Focus. Innovation. Quality. Value Creation. These are the strands in our DNA that set us apart. When you take a closer look, you’ll discover that they are evident in everything we do.

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    GP Corrugated


    Get Connected

    Always Innovating

    At Georgia-Pacific’s Innovation Institute®, we believe that collaboration with you is just the beginning of an in-depth process to find creative ways of reducing costs and improving the performance of your packaging.



    Our Locations

    ‪With more than 25 box plants located throughout the U.S., Georgia-Pacific is always ready to help.‬

    ​ ​​​​​​


    Digital Pre-Print


    Hummingbird™ digital packaging solutions provides inkjet printing for corrugated packaging that improves speed to​ market by up to 80%, can reduce inventories and can connect campaigns at the point of purchase like no other corrugated technology available.

    We help you empower your brands to be more relevant to the consumer while helping you grow your market share, so you can do more than you ever thought was possible.

    Be Fast
    Get from final art to final product in less than 14 days
    We enable your product to get to market faster than traditional print methods. This means you can launch products sooner, respond quickly to changes in your market and move on to your next project.

    Be Dynamic
    Command your supply chain and optimize your inventory
    When a campaign goes well, print more of what you need… only what you need. Reduce waste, obsolescence and inventory costs with improved control of what you order. Large everyday volumes? No problem. Specialty, seasonal and customized runs? We can help you there too.

    Be Relevant
    Extend the current campaign to the printed package and inspire engagement with your brand
    Got a new flavor? A humanitarian partnership? A rebate? A contest? You can print that right on the carton. Eliminate extra stickers, point of purchase signage and risk of inconsistent customer experience. Stand out on the shelf and reduce costs of extra steps, labor and materials.

    Be Voluminous
    Aggregate everyday volumes with seasonal or specialty campaigns into one run
    Combine your high-volume product print runs with your low-volume product print runs to produce less, waste less and store less. Respond quickly to popular campaigns and order only the extra volumes you need. Volumes can be tailor-made per region, season or retailer. You’re the boss.

    Be Big
    Large format, pallet skirts and produce bins have more options
    With 110” page wide capability and virtually limitless length*, large formats for TVs, appliances, grills, pillows or pumpkins can now be run reel to reel, in full color, without the need for labels or added labor. Use photo quality images, even on large format.
    *Length is only limited by the converting capability.

    Be Bold
    Get consistent color and sharp precision to your art
    Our print process requires no ink kitchens, no drawdowns and no guessing. We deliver consistent color every time; your first print is the same as your last. We use 4-color process and can hit nearly 1200 of the 1767 colors of the Pantone© color gamut*. There is no overprint or print traps, so sharp lines are no problem either. Unlike traditional print methods, we welcome the use of photographic images and can help you tell your brand story right on the carton.
    *Based on manufacturers testing of equipment and refers to 2014 Pantone© colors within 2DE of gamut volume by media type.