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    Georgia-Pacific Success Story: Dixie®

    How Georgia-Pacific’s Quality Solution Generated Increased Sales for its Leading Paper Plate Brand


    Georgia-Pacific’s own Dixie® brand is famous not only for the quality of its paper cups and plates, but also for the eye-catching designs adorning them. To further increase its shelf presence, GP wanted to provide retailers with an easier way to showcase its brand. Previously, the plates were stacked horizontally on store shelves, only allowing consumers to see the edges of the plates, but not the attractive designs that differentiate the Dixie® brand.


    GP gave Dixie paper plates a makeover using a Brand Ready Packaging® (BRP) design to enhance shelf presence. The multi-functional solution required strength and structural integrity since the package serves as a shipping container as well as a display case on the shelf. The new package was implemented without having to invest in new equipment and aligns the Dixie® plates to fully display the eye-catching graphics on store shelves.




    Where implemented, the pilot program showcasing the new Brand Ready Packaging® containers generated an increase in sales for Dixie up to 2 percent. Leading retailers were thrilled – they had a branded, retail ready solution that was driving sales and enhancing efficiency. Consumers are happy too – they can now easily see and grab their favorite Dixie design.