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  • Krafted With Care.

    By evaluating and understanding our customers’ unique needs, Georgia-Pacific delivers an unbreakable relationship that is Krafted with Care.

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    Whether you're a multiwall bag manufacturer, specialty converter or end-user, we provide you with quality kraft paper in both natural and bleached paper grades that meet specific product and industry requirements.

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    Combining proprietary inventory programs with over 60 years of manufacturing experience at our mill in Palatka, Fla., Georgia-Pacific Kraft delivers a comprehensive portfolio of bleached, natural and wet-strength grades that are Krafted with Care.

    Georgia-Pacific Success Story: Just the Basics

    How Georgia-Pacific’s Flexibility Created Value for a New Customer


    Sometimes you realize that those extra bells and whistles are not only unnecessary, but also costly. A leading manufacturer of flooring surfaces needed to save on material costs for laminate films, which are heat sealed to the back of wooden floorboards to prevent warping.

    Although this company is not traditionally a customer for Georgia-Pacific Kraft, it reached out to its neighbor for help in creating a customized sheet that had only those features that the customer needed, without superfluous layers.


    Georgia-Pacific jumped at the opportunity to innovate our standard products to fit a new application and began by creating a stripped-down laminate sheet. To ensure that the new sheets met the customer’s needs, Georgia-Pacific conducted extensive tests at its Palatka, Florida mill. GP verified that the sheets had sufficient porosity to absorb the polyethylene, the chemical that adhered them to the floorboards.


    GP’s initiative and flexibility to modify our standard products for a new application provided significant savings and added value for this non-traditional customer.