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  • Krafted With Care.

    By evaluating and understanding our customers’ unique needs, Georgia-Pacific delivers an unbreakable relationship that is Krafted with Care.

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    Combining proprietary inventory programs with over 60 years of manufacturing experience at our mill in Palatka, Fla., Georgia-Pacific Kraft delivers a comprehensive portfolio of bleached, natural and wet-strength grades that are Krafted with Care.

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    Whether you’re a multiwall bag manufacturer, specialty converter or end-user, we provide you with quality kraft paper in both natural and bleached paper grades that meet specific product and industry requirements.

    MultiKraft® is the grade of choice for multiwall producers who demand strength and reliability. Natural MultiKraft grades meet Rule 40 specifications for Rule 40 basis weight grades.

    FlowKraft, a high-porosity multiwall paper, is our Krafted Solutions paper for pasted valve converting and high-speed performance. Its porous structure produces an air release in finished bags, which boosts filling line eciency. FlowKraft, in natural grades, meets or exceeds Rule 40 strength requirements.

    FlexKraft is ideal f​or single- or multiple-ply bag applications that don’t require Rule 40 performance specifications. If you’re a converter of light duty bags, then you’ll appreciate FlexKraft because it produces consistent, cost-e­ective runs.

    When it comes to converting for the food services market, the smart choice is CounterKraft. Don't compromise quality — use only high "hold out" kraft butcher paper. This versatile performer not only protects your fresh foods, but makes them look better too.

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