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Various business units and products make up the Georgia-Pacific Packaging & Cellulose Segment. At first glance, you may wonder if cellulose and brown boxes really do have anything in common. We invite you to take a closer look. It’s our DNA that links us together.

It's In Our DNA. And Everything We Do.

Safety. Sustainability. Customer Focus. Innovation. Quality. Value Creation. These are the strands in our DNA that set us apart. When you take a closer look, you’ll discover that they are evident in everything we do.

About Georgia-Pacific Packaging & Cellulose

We are a recognized leader in customer-focused fiber-based solutions — offering customers a full range of product options, from high-end graphic packaging to cellulose fluff pulp to bulk bins. We focus on understanding customer needs and developing product solutions to meet those needs.

But there’s much more to us that sets us apart from other companies. Our Innovation Institute® generates ideas to continue revolutionizing our industry. We’re also extremely proud of our unrivaled customer and technical service teams, which are constantly striving to improve your business. And we strongly believe in making significant contributions to support environmental efforts both internally and externally.

These products, services and people make up Georgia-Pacific Packaging & Cellulose. A common thread that runs through everything we do with a focus on providing our customers with a quality, customer-focused solution that is safe, innovative and sustainable, and creates real value.

It’s in our DNA. And everything we do.​​

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Always Innovating

At Georgia-Pacific’s Innovation Institute®, we believe that collaboration with you is just the beginning of an in-depth process to find creative ways of reducing costs and improving the performance of your packaging.

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With approximately 40 plants, 11 mills and countless representatives throughout the world, we’re always nearby and ready to help. 

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