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By participating in the Green Hand® Project, you can join GP Cellulose in helping UNICEF provide healthy and safe schools for children in China.


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We are excited to bring you the CelluFlex product line of fibers. GP Cellulose is helping you meet the needs of your customers in a profitable and sustainable way.

Our CelluFlex specialty cellulose product line is an alternative in a wide range of applications to dissolving wood pulps. CelluFlex fibers have the advantage of being produced at a modern, large-scale, competitive softwood kraft production facility and combine the key characteristics of purity, controlled viscosity, reactivity and color, which are essential for chemical and textile applications.

A key difference of our CelluFlex softwood modified kraft cellulose product line is its unique versatility, exceptional among standard softwood kraft pulps, which allows customers to find the right grade to cost effectively meet their needs.

Viscose Staple Fiber (VSF)
VSF producers find the higher purity and brightness of our CelluFlex products to be key attributes that may allow for the addition of CelluFlex to dissolving wood pulps depending on the VSF customer processing capabilities. Our ultra-low viscosity CelluFlex products have also been used for their good performance at the filtration stage.

Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC)
Our CelluFlex products have rapidly become a preferred fiber in the global MCC market due to their purity, high brightness and whiteness, very low dirt, product consistency and value.

Cellulose Ethers
CelluFlex products provide an attractive alternative to traditional sources of cellulose in a variety of applications, including HEC, HPMC, HPC, CMC and nitrocellulose. Our precisely targeted viscosities at high, low and ultra-low levels, combined with extremely low dirt and extractives, can be a valuable tool to ethers formulation and process control.

Plastic Molding Compounds
CelluFlex high bright, high white, and very low dirt products are ideal for the production of high-end molding compounds, providing great consistency and value.

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