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The Green Hand® Project

By participating in the Green Hand® Project, you can join GP Cellulose in helping UNICEF provide healthy and safe schools for children in China.

Paper Pulp

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Paper Pulp
GP Cellulose is one of the world’s premier producers of market pulp used primarily in the manufacture of paper products. Our paper pulp is used in the manufacture of printing and writing papers, coated papers, as well as tissue and specialty paper grades.

Our Southern Hardwood and Southern Softwood are manufactured using Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) bleaching technology. We have taken several steps to provide assurance to our customers that we are responsibly sourcing wood and fiber for our pulp operations, including certification of our wood and fiber sourcing practices to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) standards.

The long, coarse fibers of the coastal pine deliver excellent performance for many filter paper applications, such as coffee filters, vacuum cleaner bags, automotive filters and medical filtration media.

Southern Hardwood
Recognized worldwide for quality among southern hardwoods, GP Cellulose Southern Hardwood is used in many papermaking applications. It is clean, bright, strong and known for its consistency. It provides good surface characteristics for papermakers, while delivering excellent bulk and stiffness properties. It maintains good drainage throughout refining and also develops good fiber strength, relative to other hardwoods.

Southern Softwood
Known for its strength, high brightness, cleanliness and consistency, GP Cellulose Southern Softwood kraft pulp is well suited for many applications, ranging from fine paper to tissue and towel grades. The southern softwood has long fibers allowing development of excellent tear strength and tensile strength characteristics in the customer’s finished product. It maintains high bulk and good drainage as it is refined. These attributes allow for good runnability and control for papermakers. The fiber also provides good absorbency characteristics, beneficial in absorbent product applications.

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GP Cellulose operates four world-class, non-integrated wood pulp mills, one cotton linters pulp mill, and one cotton converting plant in the southeastern United States. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers in more than 75 countries worldwide with quality products, global logistics and technical services.