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Safety. Sustainability. Customer Focus. Innovation. Quality. Value Creation. These are the strands in our DNA that set us apart. When you take a closer look, you’ll discover that they are evident in everything we do.

Look Closer.

In life, the details make all the difference. And that’s true for businesses too. The products. The interactions. The innovative ideas. At Georgia-Pacific Corrugated, we stand apart because of the qualities that make us unique.


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We’re excited to expand our portfolio of corrugated packaging solutions with an increased focus on displays. By combining shopper marketing an​d retailer expertise with innovative an​d industry pace-setting manufacturing capabilities, we are revolutionizing the path to purchase! We want to show you the future of shopper marketing and point-of-purchase displays through innovative methods such as augmented reality, beacon technology, and high-speed digital printing.

Design Experts at Your Service
The market is changing. Be ahead. Our expert team has the solutions.
Pick a Shade, Any Shade
Match any color any time with our in-house ink kitchen. Now that’s top of the line technology.
Let’s talk numbers. Our timing puts more money in your pocket. Period.
Imagine this… Any shape. Any size. Done your way. Now that’s state of the art.
Sustainable Solutions
SFI certified, we got it. Innovation, energy efficiency, solutions…check!

The Connected Shopper Cycle
Shoppers today are demanding more from the brands they buy from and from the retailers where they buy them. Let’s face it, the shopper journey is only getting more complex. It’s about creating moments beyond just purchasing a product, and about a relationship that extends beyond the shelf.

Introducing the Connected Shopper Cycle (CSC). The CSC is a decision-making journey that incorporates shopper behavior and emotional drivers at all touchpoints (digital, e-commerce, social, mobile and instore) to turn consumers into shoppers, shoppers into buyers, and buyers into brand ambassadors.

GP Corrugated is rewriting what being a display and packaging partner looks like: we are putting the shopper at the center of everything we do. Let us help you deliver the greate​st impact!

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Always Innovating

At Georgia-Pacific’s Innovation Institute®, we believe that collaboration with you is just the beginning of an in-depth process to find creative ways of reducing costs and improving the performance of your packaging.

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With more than 25 box plants located throughout t​he U.S., Georgia-Pacific is always ready to help.‬