As your on-line shopping business grows, it adds complexity and costs to your supply chain. Every order is different and it gets harder to manage inventory and fulfill orders efficiently. Boxes that fit your products efficiently save costs and that’s important, especially now that logistics companies charge by size and weight.

CubeLogic® offers the solution. We built an algorithm to determine the optimal packaging solution for your business. By analyzing your order data, we can determine the right number and sizes of boxes to inventory. And that will ultimately reduce your logistics, dunnage and paper costs.

We have made getting results easy for you without the need for capital investment, additional hardware or system plug-ins.


A large e-retailer had an original box set of 13 boxes in one of their fulfillment centers. A preliminary review of order data indicated a box set optimization opportunity was available. Below are the results of GP CubeLogic for this customers’ specific location.





AIR (in box) 52% 41% REDUCED BY 21%
DIM Weight (shipment) 71.25% 49.55% REDUCED BY 31%
BOXES PER ORDER (shipped on average) 1.4 1 REDUCED BY 26%

Cost Savings $8,250,000

(freight + dunnage only)

* Comparison savings (above) specific to this specific project. Any potential savings set forth herein are understood to be only estimates and are not guaranteed by GP Corrugated LLC, nor are any recommendations set forth herein guaranteed to produce any specific result.

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