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Georgia-Pacific Success Story: Beverage Preforms Manufacturer

How Georgia-Pacific’s Customer-Focused Approach Helped Increase Efficiency for a Leading Beverage Packager


To reduce its carbon footprint and improve safety, a major manufacturer of preforms for the beverage industry was searching for a new and more efficient bulk packaging solution. Reused an average of four times, its conventional bulk boxes were 45-inches tall and stacked three or four high. This type of system posed a safety risk as boxes would weaken and sag, leaving them vulnerable to leaking or collapsing.

As a result, the customer was searching for a user-friendly returnable system that would be sturdy, cost-effective and sustainable.


Georgia-Pacific investigated three different approaches for the company:

  • Strengthening the existing design
  • Incorporating plastic returnable solutions
  • Incorporating hybrid returnable solutions

This involved a complete cost analysis and field test on each alternative to determine the best solution.

Georgia-Pacific discovered that the hybrid returnable’s strength allowed the customer to stack boxes six high, while meeting the company’s goals of material savings and sustainability. The solution features a laminated, triple-wall corrugated sleeve designed to last three years. The design also has a grommet and slide-lock system that secures the sleeve to the top and bottom, greatly reducing the risk of a stack tumbling and addressing safety risks.


The hybrid returnable solution allowed the customer to attain its goals of increased sustainability and cost-efficiency, including:

  • An initial material savings of over $1 million, the sleeves have lasted three times longer than originally anticipated so the savings continue to grow
  • A decrease of 20 to 40 percent in needed floor space for storage, depending on the plant
  • A reduction in transportation and freight costs

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