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Georgia-Pacific Success Story: Form and Function

How Georgia-Pacific Created Material and Labor Savings without Sacrificing Design


Sustainability and cost savings are two issues continually on the minds of consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs). When the manufacturer of a well-known toothpaste approached Georgia-Pacific’s packaging team, the company was looking to make the move from manual to automated assembly of its palletized trays to achieve both material and cost savings. The challenge? Move to assembly production from manual labor without losing the sleek, clean lines associated with the brand.


Georgia-Pacific’s Color-Box® team saw that when the current manual tray was folded, there were no raw edges showing. All materials were rolled over and tucked back for a clean finish that made a positive first impact on consumers.

To retain this look while reducing materials, Georgia-Pacific took a consultative and collaborative approach, working closely with a corrugated machinery manufacturer to develop a customized solution that could run Georgia-Pacific’s trays without compromising the package’s sleek design.


By moving from manual to automated construction, Georgia-Pacific reduced the setup time of each tray by 25 seconds.

Additionally, the new design of the tray required less material, leading to significant sustainability gains. By working closely with the customer and machinery manufacturer Georgia-Pacific:

  • Reduced annual GHG emissions by a range equivalent to:
    • 99,000 lbs of CO2
    • 5,151 gallons of gas
    • 106 barrels of oil
  • Saved 6855 BTUs of fossil fuel energy annually

In working with GP, the toothpaste giant achieved a cleaner assembly process and retail-ready package; but most importantly – it provided a more sustainable solution.

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