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The creative minds at Georgia-Pacific’s Innovation Institute® are pleased to introduce InstiFlute™, a new type of corrugated fluting that provides improved sustainability, superior printing, and more efficient logistics. Some potential enhancements InstiFlute™ offers to our customers:

  • Reduce in-bound corrugated shipments by 20%
  • Reduce warehousing space used for corrugated
  • Reduce material handling in plant
  • Improve carbon footprint
  • Less crushing for heavy cans and bottles
  • Improve graphics
  • Better perforation performance
  • Retail Ready Packaging functionality


  • Heavily printed cases
  • Perforated cases
  • Retail Ready Packaging
  • Self-supporting products


InstiFlute™ falls between B-Flute and E-flute in caliper and flutes per foot. With the increased flutes per foot, InstiFlute’s surface allows for better printing.

Flute Profile Caliper (ECT32)(in) Caliper Comparison to B-Flute
B-Flute 0.116 100%
InstiFlute™ 0.095 82%
E-Flute 0.070 60%

Proven to share a similar edge crush test (ECT) performance as B-Flute, this flute profile has increased flat crush resistance for heavy cans or bottles.

InstiFlute™ ​is an ideal flute profile in packaging solutions used for self-supporting or load-sharing products such as these example applications:

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