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Brandon Bennett of Georgia-Pacific is New Chairman of WCO

November 13, 2018

At the World Containerboard Organisation (WCO) Board of Directors meeting on November 12, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Brandon Bennett was unanimously elected to succeed Clemens Willée as Chairman of WCO.

Brandon joined Koch Industries in Wichita, Kansas in 1988, working in various sales, trading, human resources and general management roles before joining Koch Cellulose in 2004 as Director – sales and supply in Zug, Switzerland. He moved to Atlanta in 2007 when he took over the role of Vice President – sales and marketing for the cellulose business. He was named President of Georgia-Pacific’s containerboard and kraft business in 2009.

Brandon is a graduate of the University of Kansas and also attended California State University. He and his wife have three children and live in Atlanta.

Brandon thanked the Board for its trust, and his predecessor Clemens Willée/ Mondi for his contribution to WCO.

In the year 2000, 40 containerboard producers in New Orleans created WCO in order to fill an important gap in information. Dermot F. Smurfit of Great Britain was elected the organisation’s first Chairman.

Today, WCO members include containerboard producers from every continent that has mills. WCO has established itself as a major source of information to containerboard manufacturers globally, as well as an association promoting the interests of the papermaking community. Klaus Spielmann has been President of WCO since 2004.

Georgia-Pacific Launches Hummingbird™ to Provide Unmatched Digital Print Capabilities

May 21, 2018

Digital presses have revolutionized the packaging industry, delivering high-impact color and creating a new paradigm for versioning and customization. Despite its innovations, digitally printed packaging has not always offered solutions across the full spectrum of sizes and quantities. With the launch of Hummingbird™ digital packaging solutions, Georgia-Pacific is overcoming that barrier by producing digital pre-print for a full range of customer needs, from specialty versions to everyday large runs and beyond.

Hummingbird is the first packaging supplier in North America to provide 110-inch wide web capability for digital pre-print at lengths limited only by converting capability. The technology delivers high-quality, digitally printed corrugated packaging that gets products to market up to 80 percent faster than traditional methods and provides a new range of marketing and supply chain management opportunities for brands. The size, quality and speed of the press also dramatically increases the cost effectiveness of digitally printed packaging, even at high volume.

“There’s no question the future of corrugated packaging is digital,” said Sergio Morales, general manager of Hummingbird. “Hummingbird’s digital inkjet printing enables even the largest brands to deliver consistent and timely marketing messages across all platforms, including their physical packaging. Innovative companies looking to create a true omni-channel customer experience have a new, unmatched tool at the ready with Hummingbird.”

Hummingbird is the next evolution of Georgia-Pacific’s digital pre-print service that began with the company’s 2015 investment in the HP PageWide Web Press T400S. After experiencing strong demand and confirming the value of digital pre-print for its customers, Georgia-Pacific expanded the offering to create Hummingbird. As a result, the new digital print service combines in-house print expertise and Georgia-Pacific’s extensive convertor network with the technical capabilities of the HP PageWide Web Press T1100.

The T1100 produces offset-substitutable images on pre-print that can match the width of a 110-inch corrugator. The press also enables printing of variable box sizes and designs both down and across the web at speeds of up to 600 feet per minute.

Hummingbird gives brands a competitive advantage by enabling quick and easy packaging updates. With improved speed to market, seasonal promotions and other marketing messages can be delivered seamlessly across all marketing channels. Also, Hummingbird provides new solutions for retailer-specific packaging and private label, and can print the precise lines required to facilitate interactive marketing and augmented reality.

In addition to marketing benefits, Hummingbird gives customers control over the packaging supply chain by allowing them to produce only what is needed, when it’s needed, enabling inventory reduction. Brands, distributors and box plants can aggregate demand by combining low-quantity orders via Hummingbird’s capability to batch print various designs and sizes in the same run with lower minimum quantities, which helps prevent obsolescence. Packaging for high-volume and specialty products can now be produced side-by-side and shipped together, potentially reducing transportation costs and streamlining logistics.

“The possibilities are nearly limitless,” said Morales. “We can print half a million of the same design as quickly and easily as half a million variations. That level of flexibility makes Hummingbird a cost-effective solution for a wide range of customer applications.”

Hummingbird produces quality that is comparable to lithographic print processes and can bring greater color consistency throughout the print run. One of the notable advantages of a 110-inch wide press is the ability to produce high-quality, large format packaging and pre-printed rolls with no need for lithographic labels or flexographic direct print. For example, Hummingbird can handle everything from large format TV boxes to pumpkin bins and pallet skirts, while providing the same speed-to-market and supply chain benefits it offers for smaller packaging.

With more than 40 Georgia-Pacific plants across the U.S. and relationships with other convertors, Hummingbird has the geographic coverage for efficient delivery to customers’ destinations. Hummingbird can also provide pre-printed rolls directly to plants and converters, enabling suppliers to offer customers the benefits of digitally printed packaging without the need to invest in a digital press.

Alabama River Cellulose Receives WHC Conservation Certification

February 12, 2018

The Alabama River Cellulose mill in Perdue Hill, Alabama, recently received Conservation Certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC). The certification program recognizes company efforts to create, restore and enhance wildlife habitat on their lands.

The mill worked on the certification process for nearly two years, forming an employee committee in early 2016 to identify projects on the 1,800+ acre mill site that would qualify for consideration by the Wildlife Habitat Council.

The committee, which included employees from the mill as well as GP foresters from the local wood and fiber supply office, focused its efforts on two projects: a timber management plan and bluebird houses.

The timber management plan outlines how the mill’s pine and hardwood timber stands will be sustainably managed for multiple types of forest products as well as to provide different habitats for species such as white-tailed deer, turkeys and songbirds.

To attract bluebirds, a group of employees built and put up 10 bluebird houses across the mill site and at the wood and fiber supply office.

“We’re very excited about our certification,” says David Lazenby, the mill’s manager of environmental and compliance who leads the employee committee. “Georgia-Pacific is committed to conservation and we look forward to expanding our program and taking on new projects.”

The Alabama River mill is the seventh GP facility to achieve WHC Conservation Certification.

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