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Various business units and products make up the Georgia-Pacific Packaging & Cellulose Segment. At first glance, you may wonder if cellulose and brown boxes really do have anything in common. We invite you to take a closer look. It’s our DNA that links us together.

It's In Our DNA. And Everything We Do.

Safety. Sustainability. Customer Focus. Innovation. Quality. Value Creation. These are the strands in our DNA that set us apart. When you take a closer look, you’ll discover that they are evident in everything we do.


At Georgia-Pacific, we believe sustainability means improving people’s lives by making the products they prefer and striving to use fewer resources.

Value Creation. It’s in our DNA. And Everything we do.

Simply put, Value Creation is why we are in business. And over the long term, real value creation for our customers and society through economic means is what will keep us in business and allow us to grow. Consistent application of our Market Based Management (MBM®) framework and tools will help us create value in the long run. 

Enhancing Shelf Presence Through Top-notch Graphics

Georgia-Pacific Success Story: Colors that Pop How Georgia-Pacific’s Color-Box® team enhanced a leading detergent manufacturer’s shelf presence through top-notch graphics Challenge As the number of brands vying for shelf space and consumer attention continues to grow...

Helping Milos Tea to Expand Their Market Share

Helping Milos Tea to Expand Their Market Share

Georgia-Pacific Success Story: Tea Time How Georgia-Pacific Helped Milo’s Tea Expand Their Market Share Challenge Milo’s Tea is famous in the south for their authentic and original sweet tea. As word spread and demand from both consumers and retailers increased over...

Customized Application for a Flooring Company

Georgia-Pacific Success Story: Just the Basics How Georgia-Pacific’s Flexibility Created Value for a New Customer Challenge Sometimes you realize that those extra bells and whistles are not only unnecessary, but also costly. A leading manufacturer of flooring surfaces...

Helping a Family-owned Company Win Nationwide Retail Business

Georgia-Pacific Success Story: Hot Potato How Georgia-Pacific Helped a Family-Owned Company Win Nationwide Retail Business Challenge: From the perspective of a family-owned potato chip company, becoming a regional contract manufacturer of a private label line of...

Always Innovating

At Georgia-Pacific’s Innovation Institute®, we believe that collaboration with you is just the beginning of an in-depth process to find creative ways of reducing costs and improving the performance of your packaging.

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With approximately 40 plants, 11 mills and countless representatives throughout the world, we’re always nearby and ready to help. 

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