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Georgia-Pacific Success Story: Gerawan Farming

Georgia-Pacific’s Dedication to Quality Protects One of the Top Fruit Farm Brands in the United States


Maintaining the highest standards is critical to becoming one of the nation’s largest growers of peaches, plums and nectarines. California’s family-owned Gerawan Farming has gained a well- earned reputation for fruit quality and packaging integrity.

Both the fresh fruit and its packaging must undergo challenging conditions en route from farm to marketplac. After enduring high humidity cold storage conditions, the boxes must then serve as display cases for retailers and large buyers. For those reasons, this family-owned farming company needed a supplier that could produce top quality boxes to match the brand’s dedication to quality, providing both structural integrity and visual appeal.


Georgia-Pacific’s Madera facility provided Gerawan with an overprint varnish to protect and enhance their Prima brand. This successful solution allowed Georgia-Pacific to transition Gerawan’s boxes to its bliss style packaging — a sturdy corrugated solution that features a unique composition which improves package strength and appearance.

To further communicate quality through the brand’s packaging, Georgia-Pacific introduced a high- performance white linerboard for both the inside and outside of Gerawan’s boxes. This bright white paper liner offers superior wet-strength properties, ideal for the fruit’s high humidity cold storage conditions.


Georgia-Pacific’s service-oriented team and high quality solutions have allowed Gerawan to grow along with its volume and product line. Results include:

  • Improved appearance of packaging, protecting Gerawan’s high-quality brand image
  • Enhanced package strength to withstand high humidity cold storage conditions
  • Improved stackability, from one to two pallets high

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