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Georgia-Pacific Success Story: Saving Costs, Turning Profits

How Georgia-Pacific helped to Transform a Major Corrugated Box Supplierfrom Problematic to Profitable


A major U.S. corrugated box converter was experiencing high waste and low productivity at its plants. In addition to equipment running inefficiently, the boxes themselves had low compression strength, which greatly compromised their structural integrity. As a result, the boxes failed in warehouses and were rejected by customers. 

This caused substantial losses to the box company. They turned to Georgia-Pacific for help in improving their production efficiency and box performance.


Georgia-Pacific rolled up its sleeves and visited the company to perform a facility-wide audit on all equipment. The audit included:

  • Surveys of the corrugator, presses, components, rolls and boiler
  • Employee education on best practices for using precision instruments for internal equipment surveys
  • Daily meetings with employees to support understanding of the proposed solution
  • Development of a schedule to prioritize improvements


Georgia-Pacific’s thorough audit identified opportunities for the customer to increase efficiencies. The box company’s collaboration with GP helped the company to transition from being nearly bankrupt to highly profitable in just a couple of years. Thanks to GP’s quality training, the company’s operators and supervisors now perform their own regular audits on their equipment. GP makes follow-up visits each year to ensure the box company continues to use best manufacturing practices to sustain profitable operations.

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