Brown Boxes

Georgia-Pacific is one of the nation’s leading corrugated box manufacturers. We manufacture standard corrugated containers providing cost-effective corrugated solutions for virtually any product.

Features / Benefits:

  • RSC / HSC / DRC
  • Die cuts, wraps, bliss, trays or slotted boxes
  • Self-erecting, rigid or telescope boxes
  • Folders
  • Interior forms
  • Corrugated common footprint
  • Lamilux® and Greenshield® coatings or wax
  • B, C and BC flutes
  • BRC certified
  • Warehousing

Markets Served:

Bulk Boxes

Our rectangular or octagonal bulk bins are manufactured for a variety of storage uses, including thermoplastic resins and compounds, automotive parts, synthetic rubber, chemicals, produce, food products, other dry flowable materials, and stampings and forgings. Our heavy-duty containers are custom designed to meet our customers’ most rigid shipping and storage requirements. They can be made with double- or triple-wall corrugated sheets. These products are engineered to meet our customers’ specific needs. Providing strength, helping to reduce warehouse and freight costs, increasing stacking limits, and superior product protection, Georgia-Pacific’s bulk containers are built better, not just bigger.

Features / Benefits:

  • Triplewall CAA
  • Doublewall BC, CA, AA

Markets Served:


We offer sheets with a wide variety of flute sizes and combinations. In response to customer needs, we now offer more graphics-oriented papers and smaller flutes to provide our best products for printable surfaces. We also produce preprinted sheets and colored liners. Our plants produce a wide variety of flutes from A through N to meet both the performance and creative needs of our customers with each plant carrying multiple grades and widths.

Printed Boxes

Hummingbird® Digital Print
With speed and agility, Hummingbird® digital print solutions for packaging delivers magnificent graphics and a print-on-demand capability, with no need for lithographic labels or flexographic plates. With the flexibility of printing what you want, when you want it, Hummingbird enables you to expand and enhance your brand experiences while reducing obsolescence, optimizing your supply chain, and getting products to market faster. Visit the Hummingbird website.

Georgia-Pacific offers traditional flexography services for direct print sheets at our facilities.


*compared to traditional lithographic print methods


ProLock™ coated paperboard anti-slip tier sheet is designed to help prevent products on pallets from slipping or shifting during transit. ProLock sheets are used to separate and stabilize a variety of palletized materials including corrugated boxes, cartons, bags, film-wrapped products and more. They are designed to work well with a variety of automatic palletizing systems. To learn more, please visit the ProLock website.