GP Recycling is one of the largest pure traders of recyclable commodities in the world, trading in excess of 100,000 tons of recovered material per week. By focusing on close relationships with suppliers and customers, rather than solely on market timing, we have built a collaborative network of trading partners around the world.

With over 50 years of recycled industry experience, our team
of first-class traders combine knowledge and business relationships to navigate a complex industry by utilizing our efficient global logistics, assets, financial resources and a global trading network.

Recycled Commodities

We routinely trade a wide diversity of grades, providing reliable markets for sellers of recyclable materials. We also work with generators of all types of recyclable materials to establish and manage programs that divert paper, plastic and metal from landfills. Our global network of buyers and suppliers represents one of the most complex and comprehensive trading networks in the industry.


  • Provide buyers and sellers of recycled paper, plastic and metal consistent access to a global network of recycled commodity suppliers and buyers

  • Create supply chains across new and emerging global markets

  • Utilize our transportation partner, KBX Logistics, for efficiency — adding sustainable value across supply chains

  • Actively invest in domestic markets for recovered plastics, including processing into flake and pellet

  • Manage multi-commodity bales and loose recyclable commodities

  • Provide balers and other equipment used in the processing of recycled commodities

  • Full outsourcing of distribution center labor

By balancing individual customer needs with a reliable source of supply, we provide responsible solutions that are socially, environmentally and economically rewarding.

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