Georgia-Pacific Kraft produces 100% virgin kraft paper that offers you strength, reliability and convertability. Quality and consistency take precedence in the production of our products at our Palatka, Florida, kraft mill. Our kraft paper products serve a variety of markets, including industrial, consumer goods and foodservice to name a few. Offering natural and bleach in all kraft grades, learn how we can serve your kraft paper needs below.



MultiKraft® is the grade of choice for multiwall producers who demand strength and reliability. Natural MultiKraft grades meet specifications for Rule 40 basis weight grades.

Features / Benefits:
Consistent tensile and tear strength




FlexKraft is ideal for single- or multi-ply bag applications that don’t require Rule 40 performance specifications. If you’re a converter of lighter duty bags, then you’ll appreciate FlexKraft because it produces consistent, cost-effective runs that can still benefit from 100% virgin kraft strength.

Features / Benefits:
Product consistency
Cost-effective strength



When it comes to converting for the foodservice market, the smart choice is CounterKraft – offered in bleached and pink butcher grades. Don’t compromise quality — this versatile performer not only protects your fresh foods, but makes them look better too.

Features / Benefits:
High “hold out”
Consistent performance



FlowKraft, a high-porosity multiwall paper, is our Krafted Solutions® paper for pasted valve converting and high-speed performance. Its porous structure produces an air release in finished bags, which boosts filling line efficiency. FlowKraft, in natural grades, meets or exceeds Rule 40 strength requirements.

Features / Benefits:
High-speed performance
Boosts filling line efficiency