Consumer Goods

You’re fulfilling the wants and everyday needs of your customers with trusted and iconic brands. Packaging provides a canvas for your brand to tell your story in a way that’s as unique and compelling as your product.

Your product engages customers from the second it’s seen – so let your packaging tell your story.


From the package holding your new electronic to the medicine in the cabinet – our products help make life happen.  When your product needs to pop on the shelf our corrugated and bleached board products are here to help.  When product performance matters, our cellulose fibers help provide more absorbency and more consistent product performance.  

  • Brown boxes
  • Cellulose fluff pulp
  • Cellulose paper pulp and customized fiber
  • Chemical cellulose and CelluFlex®
  • FlexKraft® kraft paper
  • FlowKraft® kraft paper
  • High graphic corrugated packaging
  • Mailers
  • Masterliner® bleached substrate
  • MultiKraft® kraft paper
  • Recycling – programs and global commodity trading
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