We work together with you to come up with innovative packaging solutions that could directly benefit your business – our innovation methods work because everything is geared toward finding solutions that add value. As we work side-by-side, you’ll see that all our actions, systems and processes are implemented to help move your product.

At our Innovation Institute®, we believe there are always innovative new ways to reduce supply chain costs, increase shelf velocity and drive sustainability improvements.

Delivering Packaging Innovation

Materials Innovation

Get down to basics – we strive to get the most out of every fiber, to make better paper, better board and better boxes. We’re continuously innovating with raw materials, coatings, compositions, assemblies and structures, so your custom solution performs optimally – it’s basic.

Process Innovation

Push the envelope – we aggressively challenge and re-think our production processes and equipment to drive out costs while continuing to deliver high quality products for you.

Packaging Design

Strong by design – smart engineering yields strong and efficient boxes that meet customer requirements, protect products and optimize total cost. Our engineers, scientists and structural designers use state-of-the-art modeling, testing and simulation capabilities to deliver superior structural designs that drive step change improvement and box functionality.

Supply Chain Optimization

See-Find-Save – we develop sustainable solutions and practices that drive out costs within GP’s and our customers’ supply chains, helping us both meet the demand for more efficient and effective supply chains.

Brand Solutions

Cut through clutter – your package can be the best billboard for your brand. It influences how consumers shop and builds loyalty for your brand. Our understanding of insights informs how we apply the latest print and graphic technologies to speak to shoppers and meet retailer specifications, with durability at its core.

Our Services & Testing

Packaging Systems Optimization (PSO®)

Packaging Systems Optimization (PSO®) is our consultative process used to identify the best possible solutions to save you money and improve overall sustainability. As a branded, processed-based service uniquely designed to optimize significant portions of your corrugated-based supply chain, we offer tailored scopes of engagement with targeted benefits.


eCommerce Solutions

Our dedicated team works alongside packaging customers to help identify cost-saving opportunities and navigate the challenging eCommerce environment. We begin by understanding your goals, needs and constraints, and have a variety of services to meet your needs. 

Evaluation & Testing

The Innovation Institute® labs are designed to evaluate the effectiveness of your packaging by putting it through rigorous testing. Our skilled technicians and designers are committed to designing optimum solutions by performing the correct testing, analyzing the data and validating the design. Our labs are maintained at TAPPI conditions and are ISTA certified.  

Materials Testing Lab

The Materials Testing Lab is maintained at TAPPI test conditions. Here, we are capable of performing a variety of key tests on liners, mediums and combined boards, and are able to predict structural integrity and board optimization through extensive testing protocols and proprietary packaging strength software.

Transportation Testing Lab

The Transportation Testing Lab is where we put your packaging through the gauntlet – simulating different types of supply chain events to make sure our packaging holds up. This laboratory is maintained at TAPPI test conditions and has the capability to simulate all the forces encountered by either individual packages or full pallets of product during handling, transportation and warehousing. Our lab is ISTA certified to conduct a variety of ISTA and ASTM testing, as well as other transportation testing protocols. Also, as a member of Amazon’s APASS network we can certify packaging to the Amazon standards.

Request a quote for ISTA 6 SIOC services.

Environmental Chambers

Our environmental chambers expose packaging to real life environmental conditions with three different walk-in chamber environments. They provide the ability to simulate freezing to high temperatures, low to high humidity, and everything in between. We can handle everything from small samples to multiple pallets of product.