At Georgia-Pacific, we believe sustainability means improving people’s lives by making the products they prefer and striving to use fewer resources.

Georgia-Pacific’s #forest2fun Campaign

GP wants you to join the conversation and show us how you have fun with corrugated. Simply snap a pic and post to social media using #forest2fun. Then, pat yourself on the back for finding yet another use for the material that already boasts a stellar sustainability message.

Make no mistake – corrugated, for all its fun-loving potential, has a serious side, too. For example, according to industry statistics, the average corrugated box contains about 46 percent recycled content, such as old corrugated containers (OCC) and kraft paper. Corrugated also has the most impressive recycling rate in the U.S. of any packaging material, boasting a nearly 90 percent recovery rate of OCC for reuse in 2014. These industry stats are clearly indicative of how sustainability efforts have advanced in recent decades, with more trees being planted each year than are harvested, and paper recovery in the U.S. today nearly double what it was in 1990.

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Industry data source: theresponsiblepackage.org