Renewability, Recyclability, Responsibility

At Georgia-Pacific, sustainability is part of what we do every day. Download our Sustainability Highlights brochure to learn more about how we’re finding ways to add value through sustainability – for our customers, our communities, for society and for Georgia-Pacific.





Georgia-Pacific uses fiber sourced from:

  • legal & responsible sources
  • forests where trained loggers are used in all harvesting activities
  • harvest where water and wildlife are protected

Our due diligence is reinforced by our support for sustainable forestry practices, such as fiber sourcing, controlled wood, and chain of custody certification. All of Georgia-Pacific’s current certificates are available at

Endangered Forest Program
Over 6 million acres of biologically important forests are benefited by GP’s effort to protect rare and unique forests across regions where we source our wood in the United States. New technology allows GP to observe our endangered forest mapping program in real time.

Georgia-Pacific’s largest energy source is from biomass – wood fiber, bark and other organic materials. GP is committed to decreasing the intensity of purchased energy.  It is just one of the innovative ways in which we serve as good stewards of our resources.


Corrugated has the best recycling rate of any packaging material used today (~90%).

We have innovative products and services that create value for our customers and society such as end of product life solutions.

Recycled Fiber
Our businesses use virgin and recycled fiber to provide the qualities and performance that customers and consumers want. Virgin and recycled fiber are critical components in the pulp and papermaking processes.

Georgia-Pacific Recycling
Georgia-Pacific Recycling is one of the world’s largest buyers and sellers of recycled fiber and supplies GP facilities as well as sells to other recycled fiber users.

    • 3,000+ suppliers and 1,500+ customers
    • Trading ~4.5MM recycled commodity tons per year

Learn more about Georgia-Pacific Recycling.

Juno® Technology 
Georgia-Pacific’s Juno® Technology is a patented recycling technology that gives us the ability to capture previously unrecyclable commercial waste, such as cups with plastic coatings or paper-based packaging with food contamination. Commercial sites can send everything for processing through Juno that is not being recycled, with no additional sorting.

Learn more about Juno.


Social Responsibility Program
Georgia-Pacific has a robust Corporate Social Responsibility assessment program that monitors our facilities on labor, health & safety, environment, and business ethics. In everything we do, we strive to act with the proper regard for others, drive environmental excellence, comply with laws and regulations and always put safety first.

Georgia-Pacific Foundation
The GP Foundation focuses its investments in four areas that advance our mission and values and where we believe make the most impact in communities we operate: Education, Enrichment of Community, Environment, and Entrepreneurship.

UNICEF Partnership
The Green Hand® Project (2013 – 2018) and The Blue Hand® Project (2019 – present) helps improve the lives of children through our successful partnership with UNICEF and our valued customers in addressing the need for water, sanitation and hygiene in some of the areas where we do business. To date, the partnership has committed $2 million to UNICEF’s WASH programs in China and India. In China, the lives of 500,000 children from more than 300 schools have been improved.

Learn more about our UNICEF Partnership.