EarthKraft™ Recyclable Mailers

Meeting consumers’ growing demand for recyclable packaging with a sustainable packaging solution to protect your products.


Powerful Protection

Lightweight cushioning protects your products throughout the supply chain.


Curbside Recyclable*

Considered "widely recycled", this mailer makes it easy for consumers to recycle at the curb and carries the How2Recycle label.

*Subject to local curbside recycling availability



Made of sustainably sourced kraft paper and manufactured in the USA.

The EarthKraft™ Recyclable Mailer series is a new line of curbside recyclable paper padded mailers manufactured specifically with protection and sustainability in mind.  As an innovative, paper-based alternative to plastic or bubble padded envelopes, our lightweight mailer provides superior strength and performance while remaining cost competitive for the E-commerce industry.

EarthKraft™ Recyclable Mailer

An exceptional, sustainable solution to meet consumers’ growing demand for recyclable packaging.

A Mailer Made With the Earth in Mind

Sustainability Sourced Fiber

All Georgia Pacific mailers are SFI Certified Sourcing. This certification confirms:

• Legal and responsible sources
• Harvested using trained loggers
• Forestry best management practices

Georgia-Pacific & Forestry Conservation

Georgia-Pacific's Endangered Forest and Special Areas program was developed in 2008 to identify and protect high conservation value forests in the United States.

• Over 6 million acres of endangered forests identified
• Met with over 700 suppliers to convey our sourcing expectations
• Implemented satellite monitoring systems

Curbside Recyclable

This new paper padded mailer can be placed in any paper/corrugate recycling collection point*; for most, this is their curbside single-stream recycling bin.

*Subject to local curbside recycling availability

Promote Your Product Through Packaging

• Flexographic and digital pre-print & post-print options
• Multi-color print capabilities
• Ability to print on both sides

Designed for eCommerce

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